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Bixolon Ribbons

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  • BIXOLON’s Wax, Wax.Resin and Resin ribbons
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Bixolon Ribbons

Original Bixolon Ribbons for Bixolon Label Printers. BIXOLON’s Wax, Wax.Resin and Resin ribbons provide Thermal Transfer Printed labels for a diverse range of applications tailored to the individual requirements of the job.

  • B-ribbon™ Wax

    • Standard
    • BR-WX11 is a standard wax ribbon that matches basic criteria required for short-term Thermal Transfer labelling of goods or equipment.
    • Premium
    • BR-WX12 provides higher resistance to scratching, smearing and some chemicals compared to the standard wax ribbon, suitable for shipping labels, pricing labels, and indoor use.
  • B-ribbon™ Wax/Resin

    • Standard
    • BR-WR11 is a mid-range ribbon good on coated tags, paper, able to print at lower heats at fast speeds, suitable for short-term outdoor use.
    • Premium
    • BR-WR12 is a premium wax/resin ribbon designed for dense, high definition images with superior edge quality and excellent durability on coated, synthetic, and high gloss receiver materials.
  • Bixolon ribbons ™ Resin

    • Standard
    • BR-RS11 is a cost-effective alternative to the premium resin ribbon combining performance and competitive pricing, suitable for demanding applications.
    • Premium
    • BR-RS12 offers optimum printing quality in a range of harsh environments. It resists damage from the toughest chemicals, including petroleum and withstands high temperatures.

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Ribbon Size

110MM X 300M, 110MM X 450M, 110MM X 74M, ERC38


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