eTIMS stands for Electronic Tax Invoice Management System. It is a software solution that helps businesses in Kenya manage their tax invoices. eTIMS is designed to make it easier for businesses to comply with tax laws, and to reduce the risk of fraud.

Who Needs to Use eTIMS?

All businesses in Kenya that are registered for value-added tax (VAT) can to use eTIMS. This includes businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. However, businesses with high transaction volume would need to use API based versions of eTims i.e. VSCU or OSCU (Virtual/Online Sales Control Unit )

How Does eTIMS Work?

eTIMS works by generating and storing tax invoices electronically. Businesses can create and send tax invoices to their customers through eTIMS, and they can also view and download copies of their invoices at any time. eTIMS also allows businesses to track the status of their invoices, and to generate reports on their tax compliance.

Benefits of Using eTIMS

There are many benefits to using eTIMS, including:

  • Increased efficiency: eTIMS can help businesses to save time and money by automating the issuance and management of tax invoices.
  • Reduced risk of fraud: eTIMS can help to reduce the risk of fraud by providing a secure and auditable way to store and track tax invoices.
  • Improved compliance: eTIMS can help businesses to improve their compliance with tax laws by providing a centralized system for managing tax invoices.
  • Increased visibility: eTIMS can help businesses to improve their visibility into their tax compliance by providing reports and analytics on their tax invoices.

How to Get Started with eTIMS

To get started with eTIMS, businesses need to:

  1. Ensure they have VAT obligation on their PIN Certificate.
  2. Fill in the commitment form and send it to then register for eTIMS. Guide.
  3. Download the eTIMS software. eg Android device, Windows Device, Online Portal
  4. Install the eTIMS software and set it up on your preferred device.
  5. Start generating and sending tax invoices through eTIMS.

Compatible Devices

eTims is compatible with Android and windows Devices, We stock affordable laptop,  Andoid POS, Bluetooth printer and offer assistance on registration, installation and training of eTims.

Give us a call on 0727 55 66 95 or send an email to or even better, visit us at our offices in Kimathi house, 5th floor, Suite 502 and walk home with a smile of compliance and convenience packaged to your delight.


eTIMS is a valuable tool for businesses in Kenya that are registered for VAT. It can help businesses to save time and money, reduce the risk of fraud, improve compliance, and improve visibility into their tax compliance. If you are a business in Kenya that is registered for VAT, I encourage you to learn more about eTIMS and consider using it.

About the author : Stanley Irungu

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